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Structure fire in Creston destroys residence

A small residential structure fire in the area of 26th Ave N on January 7 had 25 firefighters rushing to contain and put out the blaze.

Luckily, no injuries were reported, but Creston Fire Chief Jared Riel says the residence is a write-off.

“Unfortunately, the house was a complete loss and there was considerable damage to all of the belongings inside of the house. It’s unrepairable, so it has to be replaced.”

Riel says the tenant who lived there was not home at the time, and crews responded when a neighbour noticed the fire.

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“Fortunately, it was a large property and the house was in the middle, so there was no damage or exposure to neighbours, houses, or anything like that. So it worked out well for us in that sense.”

Currently, there is no known cause of the fire, as the damage was extensive.

Riel says he appreciated neighbours allowing the crews to do their jobs.

“We really appreciate the neighbours in the whole area who let us use their driveways and appreciate the patience that people had because the road was blocked off.”

However, he adds that if you have no reason to be near the scene of a fire, don’t be there.

“Just a general reminder, during an emergency incident, try to stay out of the area unless you absolutely have to be there. There are usually emergency vehicles moving in and out, and traffic is unnecessary and could cause delays.”

The structure fire marked the second major fire in less than a month and Riel reminds the valley of the importance of smoke alarms.

“Make sure you’re testing them on a regular basis. That early warning device is what alerts people to get out of the house in the event of a fire. So those are really important life safety components to your home.”

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding their smoke alarms, they are encouraged to contact the fire department.

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