Drug advisory issued for West Kootenay

Photo supplied by Interior Health

Interior Health has issued a drug advisory for the West Kootenay.

Drug checking has detected high amounts of fluorofentanyl and benzodiazepines that have been associated with higher overdose risk, amnesia, and heavy sedation.

Antione Marcheterre, Drug Checking lead for Interior Health says these drugs are more unpredictable, withe less known about them in the community.

“It also makes it once Naloxone in the case of an overdose, the person might not wake up instantly, but stay in a state of sedation.”

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The drugs are being sold in different shapes and colours, a warning to the public

“If you are planning to use drugs, for whatever reason, the only way to know what is in your drug is by using a drug checking service.”

The alert in affect until April 25.

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