Before Creston goes to the ballot box on October 20, residents will have a chance to hear from their candidates running for both mayor and council.

The Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce Vice President, Brian Lawrence, is moderating the event on October 15 at the Prince Charles Theatre at 7:00 pm.

Lawrence shares the format.

“Each of the candidates will have a couple of minutes to talk about themselves; why they are running. Then we will follow by asking questions, allowing people a minute to respond to each question. Depending on the questions we receive, there may be some just asked to the mayoral candidates and there may be some just asked to the town council candidates.”

The newsroom asked Lawrence what his response will be if candidates side step certain topics.

“I think most of the time, I would let people have their time and then move on to the next question and let the audience decide for themselves what is an an appropriate answer. If it does look like it’s moving in the direction of a non-answer, I might push it a little.”

Due to the volume of candidates, three for mayor and 11 for council, Lawrence will draw from a bank of questions influenced by citizens’ emails to the Chamber of Commerce. This is so similar topics and issues can be combined into one concise question. He says approximately eight questions will be asked, and the event should be about two-and-a-half hours long.

Lawrence says he feels confident that the forum will go well and believes that Creston has a civil voter base.

Have a question you want to ask? Send it to by noon on October 15.