The results are in and the count is final.

Joanna Wilson edged out Jimmy Karountzos by only 5 votes in the recount, winning the 6th and final council seat.

Here are the final tallies with a +/- modifier based off the results before the recount.

1278 (+11) Deboon

1213 (+9) Tzakis

1201 (+10) Comer

1199 (+9) Elford

1124 (+4) Unruh

992 (+13) Wilson

987 (0) Karountzos

898 (-2) Goforth

879 (-2) Drinkle

785 (-1) Cherkas

606 (-3) Magrum


Mayor Ron Toyota retains his victory with 970 (-2) votes. Bill Hutchinson earned 912 (+5) votes and Mary Jayne Blackmore earned 355 (0).

There was no chance of a change in the referendum result. 1301 (+3) voted in favour and 885 (+11) were opposed.

Ballots deemed irregular were given a second and final look by Justice Doerksen. He said if the intent was clear but did not follow the proper marking method (circling names rather than filling out the lines to mark the desired council candidates), he would allow the ballot to count.