The not-for-profit Profit Flower Pot foundation is hosting a Curious about Cannabis event in the Banquet room at the Creston Hotel on December 17.

The foundation provides bursaries and support for those who wish to pursue education in horticulture. The Flower Pot Foundation was formed in 2016 after the tragic loss of  Maria Karountzos in an accident.

Siblings Mimika Coleman and Chris Karountzos are facilitating the event and Coleman says it will be a networking meeting featuring horticulture experts, cannabis producers; they are inviting curious residents to mingle and ask questions. The event starts at 6:00 PM and it will host representatives from the College of the Rockies, We Grow BC and medical cannabis expert, Drew Day.

“It’s just a place to address questions and concerns regarding the potential of a cannabis retail store being open in Creston,” says Coleman. “How people feel about that, what they want to see and, you know, eliminate any myths or concerns people may have or sort of talk about the potential of what could happen when a retail store opens in Creston.”

Coleman and her brother Chris Karountzos have been partners in running Jimmy’s Pub and they’re waiting on tentative approval to open a cannabis retail store within town boundaries. Coleman says this event serves two purposes, informing locals of their intentions and of the product that would be sold.

“We definitely are sticking our foot in the door for wanting to be the most educated, networked group that have applied for the retail license and hopefully the town will see that recommend us as a good choice.”

Director of Municipal Services Ross Beddoes says until regulations are in place, all cannabis retail applications will be held and dealt with in the order in which they receive them.

Beddoes says the adoption of the regulations set by the province will likely be in late January.

“As far as the regulations, Council will be getting their fist look at it on December 11 meeting, around there, with the public meeting scheduled for January and adoption immediately after that. So we should be all wrapped up by the end of January.”

Council will then decide on how many and which ventures get a license. Mimika Coleman and Chris Karountzos are but one application however more will likely be received by council next year.

For more details on the Flower Pot Foundation, read the digital pamphlet below.

(courtesy of Mimika Coleman)