Of the top three stories to cause a buzz in Creston based off web analytics, the local election and fire hall referendum did not make the cut.

Top of the list is the ongoing report of the local woman who was reportedly bound and assaulted. The story itself has been viewed  by more than 3,500 people and shared over 400 times with many of the comments directing others to help find witnesses and urging locals to stay safe.

The passing of local Author Dr. Dave Perrin in early August pulled on the heartstrings of Creston locals as well. Perrin was best known for his Country Vet series, his last work which was co-written with Debbie Palmer is Keep Sweet: Children of Polygamy.

Finally, there was the bizarre unraveling of events which lead to the arrest of the man who robbed a liquor store belonging to businessman Jimmy Karountzos. The arrest was witnessed by MyCrestonNow.com Newsroom Reporter Jensen Shields, first hand on his second day on the job.

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