Backcountry enthusiasts have a new tool to stay safe.

The Never Lost app can function on airplane mode while telling users where they are in proximity to trails and potentially life saving points of interest.

Allan Bouchard developed the app with help from backcountry enthusiasts from across Canada including Creston resident, Trish Drinkle.

He says it’s still growing, with hidden terrain and trails being mapped as development continues.

location services paired with maps still functions in airplane mode.

The subscription based app primarily serves snowmobilers but Bouchard says Never Lost also functions as an emergency preparedness tool.

“The whole point was, you kept hearing about these guys perishing a few hundred metres away from a cabin because they couldn’t find it in a big storm. Well now with the app, you don’t have to buy an expensive Garmin and you can have all the information in your hand where you can literally press the button and see that I’m 250 metres away from the cabin.”

Never Lost is available for iPhone and it will soon available for Android as well.