Creston RCMP have been assisting with an investigation into a threatening e-mail that police say was sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office by a local resident.

A call was received by Creston police from RCMP Headquarters last Friday regarding the alleged threats and investigation. Staff Sergeant Ryan Currie did not say what the contents of the email were but he did speak on what constitutes a response.

“People can show their displeasure,” Staff Sergeant Currie explained.  “But any time somebody puts a threat out as ‘You should be killed’ or ‘I will kill you’ or ‘You should be hurt,’ then it can constitute uttering a threat under under the Criminal Code.

According to Staff Sergeant Currie, any time that the Prime Minister’s office receives an email that is concerning about the safety of the Prime Minister or his family, RCMP take it seriously.

The suspect was arrested, investigated, and released pending court.

The growing concern of threats via social media was also addressed by Staff Sergeant Currie. He said the very same rules apply when it comes to uttering threats online.

“You have freedom of speech in the country. It’s just that when you threaten or put out there that harm should come to somebody or harm will come to somebody, then you are getting into that criminal grey area.”

When it comes to witnessing harassment on social media, it is up to the person receiving the threatening messages to seek action.