The Town of Creston is hosting a forum tonight to discuss the future of the now defunct Crawford Hill reservoirs.

The Town’s Chief Administrative Officer Mike Moore came up with the idea of turning the Town-owned property into a park last summer.

More details on the project can be found in this link.

From 6:30 until 8:30 the public is invited to learn about the proposal, ask questions and raise concerns. The meeting is in the Erickson Room at the Creston and District Community Complex. The property owners right next to the vacant reservoir land have been invited directly by the Town as the project may impact the nature of the neighbourhood.

New fencing will be installed and the Town says they already maintain the property grounds. The key feature that would make this park special would be the re-introduction of water in the reservoirs. Moore says the plan is to simple let it fill, but only to a minimal and safe level, so that the empty reservoir furthest down the hill becomes a small pond.

The Town is also in talks with the RDCK regarding another reservoir further up Crawford Hill. That reservoir may be used in case of an emergency, should there be a shortage of water in hot summer months. Plans are still in early development.