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Kalmikoff trail: Final submissions

Proceedings have wrapped up in the Krista Kalmikoff trial in Nelson Supreme Court.

Legal teams made their closing submissions to the jury with Kalmikoff accused of being an accomplice in the armed robberies of her former partner Andrew Stevenson.

The defence says there is no evidence pointing to her planning or being a participant in the crimes and she was a victim.

They argue when he jumped into her car after he’d robbed the Nelson Credit Union she had no idea what was going on, she’d simply been waiting to go shopping with him.

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They contend while she was in the driver’s seat when chased by police it was Stevenson in control, he sat on her and took the wheel, stepped on the gas and stopped her from braking.

The prosecution wrapped up their case by insisting Kalmikoff changed her statements to investigators regulalry, proving she lied.

She had said Stevenson was on disabilityy and couldn’t work but when she admitted gifts and cash was being brought to the family home daily she told investigators it was proceeds from his work.

The crown contends if she was a victim of Stevenson’s drug-addicted controlling and violent behavior she had a supportive family she could have gone to, but stayed becaus ehe lvoed him and she was an accomplice.

The judge will instruct the jury Thursday before they’re sent to reach a verdict.

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