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History About Town coming to Creston

A full week of history is coming to Creston, courtesy of the local museum.

The History About Town guided tours will be taking those interested on journeys through the town’s history.

After a three-year hiatus, the tours will be kicking off tomorrow.

“There’s so much history out there, and there’s a lot of it that we talk about in the museum, but there’s so much that’s out there in the residential areas, in the downtown town areas, and especially in the cemeteries,” said Creston museum manager Tammy Bradford.

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“There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of incredible stories from the community’s past out there. And this is a good way to kind of bring them out a little bit, share them

There will be four unique tours taking place in different parts of Creston throughout the week, with a fifth surprise tour taking place on Saturday

“Settlers and Pioneers” takes history buffs on a walk through Pioneer Cemetery to remember the challenges faced by the Europeans who settled in the valley.

“Coming to Canada” explores Forest Lawn Cemetery and highlights the stories of those who immigrated to Creston from all parts of the world.

“Downtown Creston” will take place along the town’s main street, with stories including Creston’s daring bank robbery.

“The Dow Addition” shows off one of Creston’s oldest residential areas.

“We’re wrapping it up with our Saturday surprise tour,” said Bradford.

“This is when you sign up and we’ll tell you all the details. It will be a pretty accessible walking tour, so similar to the other ones. So if you’re able to walk around downtown or join us with walkers or wheelchairs downtown, then you should be able to handle this one as well.”

The tours are $10 per person per tour. Those looking to sign up in advance can call the museum or visit their webpage.

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