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Creston RCMP warn against driving aggressively

In response to numerous complaints of dangerous driving, Creston RCMP are reminding the public to be safe when behind the wheel.

Cst. Brett Urano says there has been an increase in complaints.

“Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had multiple complaints around town and the outlying areas regarding aggressive driving and dangerous driving,” said Urano.

“We are very concerned about road safety. It’s very dangerous to everyone, including the driver. If you’re driving in an erratic manner, such as doing burnouts, spinning your car, or even tailgating, all those kinds of behaviors are very concerning to the RCMP.”

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Urano says they will be stepping up the enforcement for these dangerous driving behaviors and pursuing charges against offenders.

“We’ll be doing more patrols in these problem areas. We will be using our powers as police officers through the Motor Vehicle Act or even possibly through criminal code charges to place stiff penalties on these individuals who are making these poor choices and making our roads unsafe.”

Those caught driving dangerously or erratically can be levied with a heavy fine, increased insurance rates, vehicle impounds, and possibly jail time depending on the situation.

Outside of the legal ramifications, Urano says there are also possible life-changing outcomes to driving dangerously.

“You could hurt someone badly. Someone could get seriously injured or even killed if you’re driving in a dangerous manner. That’s the main thing that we’re concerned about, more than the penalties themselves. We want all the people here in Creston to be safe whenever they’re on the roads or walking down the sidewalk.”

Urano says if you’re interested in driving this way, find a race track or closed course.

“All it takes is you losing control of your vehicle, and the next thing you know, you’ve hit a pedestrian, you’ve hit a cyclist or another car.”

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